A global community in which all members engage with each other and Honesdale High School Alumni Association.


The mission of the Honesdale High School Alumni Association is to foster innovation and excellence among future graduates and alumni, continue the friendships formed at Honesdale High School, foster fellowship among members, build strong and mutually beneficial ties and engagement between Honesdale High School and its alumni, promote goodwill in the community and create a dynamic alumni program that will stimulate strong relationship, interest, build loyalty and increase involvement.

About Us

The Honesdale High School Alumni Association is being created to be the "Official" non-profit organization. We plan to connect Alumni members of Honesdale High School and build a current database of Alumni members past, present, and future.

In 1813 the Honesdale Academy which was a private preparatory school and the forerunner of the Honesdale High School, was founded. In 1875,the first class was graduated from a public high school in Honesdale. Honesdaleā€™s first modern building constructed for school purposes was opened in 1909. In 1924, the consolidation of six political subdivisions formed the first union school district in Pennsylvania. On April 6, 1959 the present high school building was constructed. In 1970, under the School District Reorganization Act, the district was again expanded. The new name became the Wayne Highlands School District.

Alma Mater

Far above historic Irving with its rugged crest

Stands our noble Alma Mater in its sheltering rest

It has gained though years of toiling

Honor and renown

Raise the chorus, speed it onward,

Lout its praises sing;

May recalling Honesdale High School

Thoughts most pleasant bring.