Posted by webmaster  |  August 6, 2016

Shown are members of the Class of 1949 who attended the reunion. They include Jim Bader, Audrey (Cross) Dickinson, Dorothy (Eno) Samson, Beverly (Erk) Olver, Joanne (Gregory) Gardner, Randy Grumpelt, Judy (Noble) Dunn, K. Millen Olver and Betty (Williams) Bodie

By Kelly Waters

Posted Aug. 6, 2016 at 10:45 AM

Members of the Honesdale High School Class of 1949 celebrated their 67th reunion on Wednesday.

Nine members were in attendance, traveling from across the country to see their classmates. Several members also brought their spouses.

The reunion was held at the Halfway House, where lunch and socialization took place.

When the Class of 1949 graduated there were 67 students. One alumni said their class was the first from Honesdale High School to have the National Honor Society.

During its 50th year, members of the class were invited back to the school.

Several classmates shared some thoughts on the reunion.

“It's good to be able to still get together,” said Betty (Williams) Bodie.

“It's very nice for all who came,” added Audrey (Cross) Dickinson. “I'm very happy and joyful to see them.”

Randy Grumpelt reminisced on what the world was like when they graduated.

“It was very different from today,” he said.

“World War II was over, jobs were plenty. We were building the world.”

Grumpelt added pay increases happened “almost every year” and many worked at the same company for a long time.

“There was optimism about life, about having a family and about jobs,” he stated.

“Much of that is sadly diminished. Many people today have it much harder.

“We believed that with hard work and effort helped you rise above everything.

“With this class, there's a sense of community that's still present. That's rare today.”

Grumpelt added the class has held a reunion every year.

“We look at the more simple pleasures now,” he said.